Pixel People

Dave Bittner

Director of Photography, Editor, Animator

An accomplished Steadicam operator, director of photography and video editor, Dave Bittner is equally comfortable behind the camera lens and in the driver’s seat of our edit suites. Our clients enjoy Dave’s easy-going personality and his expert storytelling skills.

A programmer since the age of ten, Dave often lends his skills to our multimedia projects as well. Dave got his Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of Maryland . In his spare time he enjoys community theater, volunteering with his local Rotary club, and performing scientific experiments on his sons, Scott and Jack. He often lends his services as emcee to various nonprofits in the region.

Adopted under mysterious circumstances (found under the People Tree, swaddled in clothes heavily influenced by both Amish and Latvian sensibilities) by his loving parents, Bill and June, it was soon discovered that he possessed super-human powers, notably resistance to tooth decay, an ability he is still attempting to use for the common good. Dave lives in Owen Brown with his beautiful and talented wife, Ilana, and their two handsome and talented sons, Scott and Jack. Dave has a lovely singing voice, as well as an overactive sense of subversive humor.

ilana Bittner
Big Cheese, Pixel Workshop Inc.

As a youngling, Ilana Bittner at various times dreamed of being an astronaut, a fighter pilot, an Olympic basketball player, a safari guide, a Disney Imagineer, a lawyer, and a director for Sesame Street. While most of these aspirations aren’t mutually compatible, she’s been fortunate to have achieved many of them vicariously or otherwise through her career in media.

During the summer of 2006, Ilana trained as an astronaut at Space Camp in Huntsville, AL while filming her award-winning kids program, TripFLIX, a uniquely interactive DVD that allows kids to create their own road trip adventures. TripFLIX was the only independently produced DVD to win the 2008 iParenting Media Award, and has also been endorsed by KidsFirst, The Dove Foundation, Parent To Parent, and The Parenting Center.

For five years, Ilana wrote, produced, and directed a weekly television show and several sports documentaries for the University of Maryland Football, Basketball, and Lacrosse programs. These programs aired on WJLA TV7, WMAR TV12, Comcast SportsNet and a dozen other regional sports networks. Although it didn’t take her to the Olympics, she did get to shoot around with many USA basketball players.

While a student at the University of Maryland, Ilana procured an internship with Disney Studios. While never attaining the level of Imagineer, she did write for Disney’s weekly magazine Eyes & Ears, worked as a production assistant for The Mickey Mouse Club and Let’s Make a Deal, and gave tours of the Studio Backlot.

While Big Bird has yet to call, Ilana has written and produced dozens of e-learning programs for both children and adults. Collaborating with partners like McGraw-Hill, Harcourt, Prometric, Merck, Pfizer, Dryers Grand Ice Cream, Maggie Moo, and MediaVest she’s created learning programs about public speaking, geography, asthma, osteoporosis, cardio-vascular disease, and many more.

Ilana’s a University of Maryland alumnus with a BA in Radio, Television, and Film. She’s also earned both a Mouseters and Ducktorate degrees from Disney University. In the Howard County community, Ilana’s been privileged to serve on the board of a variety of organizations, including Leadership Howard County, The Columbia Foundation, Howard County Chamber of Commerce, Family and Children’s Services, The Cappies of Baltimore. She was also proud to attend the All-America competition as part of Howard County’s winning contingent. Ilana lives in an a wholly testosterone filled environment with her husband Dave and their sons Scott and Jack. When she’s not working or parenting, she’s like training for or producing a triathlon or 5k.